Being Intentional

We live in the world we build; Our children live in the world we leave. Change is happening. People are aware. People are concerned. People are empowered.

We believe no other modern institution has as much potential to positively respond to, or lead, change as do companies. From talent, resources, innovation, and incentives, to time horizons, culture, and engagement, companies are uniquely positioned to make a meaningful difference.


want companies to deliver on this potential.


want companies to deliver on this potential.


want to work with companies that are delivering on this potential.

But we also know that potential is not promise.

Companies are committing to sustainability more than ever before…but knowing what to focus on and how to deliver is not easy. Impact/Sustainability has become a strategic imperative and corporate Sustainability and ESG leaders and their teams are operating at a new frontier.

We founded Motive for just this reason.

We are purposefully developing and continually refining the tools Sustainability and ESG leaders need to be able to deliver on their potential. This isn’t about bolting sustainability onto existing EH&S platforms or adding a shade of ‘green’ to existing enterprise software licenses. This is about collaborating to build a new field from the ground-up. This is about making sure the good efforts of good companies are not wasted.

Motive was founded in 2020 by brothers Kai Gray and Taylor Gray to help companies advance their sustainability goals. Bringing with them over 20 years of experience in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability program creation, ESG integration, and software development, Kai and Taylor brought a unique skillset to the corporate sustainability landscape. Spanning academic pursuits–both as a Ph.D recipient at Oxford University, and as professor of the practice–to building and leading high performing technology teams at software companies, Kai and Taylor were able to lay the foundation to deliver a unique product focused on helping companies at all phases in their sustainability journey achieve their goals and realize the benefits of their good work.

Building from their experiences,
joined forces to found
and scale their impact.

Connect with us and let’s put your good work to work.

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