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RealScore Platform -

Find your focus.

Sustainability never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. We keep track of everything you need to know when you need to know it. Combining fully-integrated multi-source ESG data, our Dynamic Materiality engine, and our dedicated ESG research team, the Motive RealScore Platform is purposefully developed for Sustainability and ESG leaders.

Quickly identify material topics and relevant metrics that help you understand what to focus on.

Align your ESG strategy with market trends, stakeholder interests, and reporting dynamics.

Monitor changes to ESG scores and key metrics and explore and validate the data ESG rating agencies hold on your company.

Track disclosure trends and regulatory developments and benchmark against competitors across your industry.

Coordinate the Sustainability and ESG interests throughout your organization, including your sales and investor relations teams.

Engage with strategic insights provided by our professional ESG analysts.

Stay ahead of what matters with a fully-curated newsfeed scanning over 183+ million applicable news articles each year.

Connect with a member of our research team for a guided-tour of our RealScore Platform and let’s explore a few of the opportunities and challenges you are facing. No sales, no commitments, no pressure.


RealSales Assistant -

Create new opportunities.

Supply chain impact is the new sales frontier. Sustainability may still be a bit vague, but that doesn’t mean your sales proposals should be. Combining fully-integrated multi-source ESG data, our Dynamic Materiality engine, and our dedicated ESG research team, the Motive RealSales Assistant is purposefully developed for sales teams to develop a strategic advantage in a changing market.

Quickly identify new opportunities across multiple sectors primed for engagement.

Immediately see what matters most to your clients and explore how you can help.

Pull the metrics that matter most to your customers and close more deals.

Automatically integrate with your sustainability team to get the support you need to be who your clients need you to be.

Educated sellers win. Connect directly with Motive’s ESG analysts to explore new trends, themes, and opportunities.

Register for a free trial now and see for yourself how our RealSales Assistant is designed to help.


Professional Services -

Customized for you.

Everyone’s Sustainability and ESG trajectories are different. Whether you are coming with early exploratory musings or an interest in hyper-focused research and development, we provide the expert knowledge and tools needed to get you where you are going. If you don’t think our existing solutions fit exactly what you are looking for, connect with us and let’s explore how we can provide you with the support you need. For shareholders, stakeholders, and corporate leaders, in all that we do, we aim to assist you in developing a strategic advantage through sustainability, including:


Strategic planning, program evaluation, and gap analysis


Reporting and disclosure guidance


Detailed materiality assessments and social salience analysis


Targeted impact assessments


ESG risk and opportunity mapping


Comparative benchmarking


Thematic research

Connect with our dedicated ESG research team to explore how our integrated data and expert insights can be leveraged for your strategic advantage.

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