Dedicated ESG advisory & support service for private market investors and portfolio companies.​

Work with a dedicated ESG service designed to optimize your success.


We focus on ESG so you can focus on everything else.

Led by industry-veterans and building from a legacy of customized and highly-responsive engagements, Motive has grown to be the trusted ESG advisor to private market investors and portfolio companies.

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ESG is our singular research focus and it has been since 2007. The practice, regulations, and expectations of ESG are changing rapidly. Work with our dedicated team of experts to know what you should focus on and what’s coming next.



Our team is focused, highly-responsive, and in-tune with your work flow. We prioritize speed, focus, and agility so you can leverage our expertise exactly when you need it. Markets move fast and we help you move faster.



Today, enterprise value is driven by intangible assets; ESG is how we measure and optimize them. We customize our services to your specific needs to help you create and protect value.



Motive is born from experience and built through trust. Agile and responsive, we promise you can connect directly with dedicated senior team members—always. Work with our team and invest in a relationship you can count on.

About us
From the outset, we knew ESG was going to be a force of change. Since 2007, we have been researching the dynamics of how ESG can help investors and companies create and protect value.

Taylor Gray, Ph.D

Head of ESG Research

Brian Harris

Director of Business Strategy

Kai Gray

Chief Executive Officer

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