Private Market ESG Services

Our private market ESG services are carefully designed to provide you with actionable information and insight. Engage with our team of experts to craft a solution that delivers at all stages of your dealflow and fits your specific thesis, workstream, and LP network interests.

As your dedicated ESG advisory and support service, we deliver:


Our work will not stall your deals. Our team is focused, highly-responsive, and in-tune with your workflow.


Dedicated expert analysis. Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of ESG research, practice, and regulations.


Our team delivers decision-useful information designed to move you forward. We deliver ROI beyond simply compliance.

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Pre-Investment Due Diligence

Mitigate risks. Identify opportunities. Satisfy compliance. And do it all as quickly and thoroughly as possible. This is how our team approaches pre-investment due diligence.

Engage with our dedicated ESG research team to develop a pre-deal due diligence reporting process that works for you. Let’s start with a thorough foundation of ESG due diligence, materiality, and regulations and then shape it to your thesis, workflow, timelines, and LP network interests.

Whether your deal is $20 million or $2 billion, your Motive pre-deal due diligence review will always be led by a senior leader of our research team. We limit the number of engagements we enter into so we can always provide you with the focus and speed you need.

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Portfolio Company Strategy & Support

ESG doesn’t end when a deal closes, and neither does our support. Connect with our research team to explore how we can help your portfolio companies leverage ESG for success.

ESG is the new competitive frontier across all markets and sectors and it is critical that your portfolio companies optimize their ESG profiles. Our dedicated ESG research team is available to engage with your portfolio companies and help each of them develop an ESG strategy that conveys a competitive advantage fitting with their market positioning and your intended exit strategy.

Explore our Enterprise ESG Services to see how we leverage our unique Motive ESG model to help companies create and protect value, or connect directly with our research team to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities your portfolio companies may be facing.

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Roll-up Reporting

It’s not just about deals and portfolio companies…it’s also about attracting and retaining capital.

ESG, Impact, and Sustainability are infusing the decision-making processes of ever more LPs. Some are taking an initial interest while others are operating with long-established frameworks and explicit expectations.

Our dedicated ESG research team can help you establish an efficient and effective framework to make roll-up reporting fast, easy, and insightful. Our roll-up reporting services will help put your ESG due diligence and portfolio company support solutions to work for you.

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