Author name: Kai Gray

Kai is a senior executive with a diverse background in software engineering, business operations, and ESG consulting. Skilled in ESG program development, M&A integration, and fundraising. Recognized industry leader and lecturer, passionate about team building and sustainable innovation.

The ESG Report – Kai Gray on ESG

The ESG Report podcast is hosted by Tom Fox. Looking for innovative solutions to tackle climate change? Look no further than The ESG Report! In this episode, Tom speaks with Kai Gray, CEO and co-founder of Motive, a software company focused on ESG data management.

Fringe Legal: Decoding ESG

Learn what ESG means and how legal teams can pragmatically prioritize it. This post breaks down key insights on ESG risk management from an interview with expert Kai Gray on the Fringe Legal podcast. Get clarity on ESG frameworks, strategic rollout, and avoiding common pitfalls.

What’s Working With Cam

ESG is not something “out there” or only discussed in political environments. ESG (environmental, social, governance) is here and is shaping the way businesses interact with each other and with customers. Kai Gray and his parters run Motive ESG. They work with businesses to improve their ESG scores, thereby enabling them to compete for business with some of the nation’s defense contractors, major manufacturers, building contractors and such. Kai predicts ESG will become a filter through which the next generation invests money and even buys product at the grocery store.

Emerging Litigation Podcast

Diving into the transformative world of ESG, we unpack the evolving role of attorneys and the intriguing intersections with pop culture references. From understanding how law firms can champion ESG practices to decoding the significance of ratings, this episode provides insights not just from experts, but from pioneers in the field. Tune in to hear Kai Gray, CEO of Motive, shed light on the driving forces behind ESG adoption and the intricate dance of corporate responsibility. Discover the ‘secret sauce’ that compels companies to champion the right causes

Is this the Future? Episode 3

In July 2020, Kai and his brother Taylor founded their start-up called , which helps other companies report on their ESG commitments. They hope Motive can tackle the corporate-side causes of environmental issues as they believe this is the biggest driver of climate change, and I think I believe this too.